Thursday, November 24, 2016

I haven't posted in quite some time - primarily because family matters have kept me occupied.  On Thanksgiving Day, we have a tradition of listing 10 things for which we are grateful in the current year, not including family or friends.  I decided to share mine and hope you have no trouble compiling your own list.

Mindful that I must be thankful for ALL things, I guess I am thankful for the ugliness exposed by this election.  We need to remember that these differences have existed since the time of the founding fathers. This nation was built on compromise (otherwise the nation's capital would be in New York City, not Washington DC) and it is compromise that has kept us going - in spite of those differences and our constantly changing population. Neither side is completely right or completely wrong. My prayer is that our elected representatives keep that in mind as they do their work - locally and nationally.

I am able to consider retirement options. Many don’t have that luxury.  I won't be able to afford a trip to Europe or buy a vacation home in Florida but I won't be eating dog food either.  

My boss may make me crazy sometimes but I have a job, I don't have a long commute, I generally like the work, and I am paid for what I do.  Very few can say the same.

It may seem like an odd destination but I had a good time in Cincinnati this summer. The city is beautiful and there is plenty to do. It was easy to see why people like it.

We had a very successful garage sale. I was happy to be able to help a friend get rid of so much of her clutter while also getting rid of some of mine.

Three cheers for skilled trades people - the HVAC guy, the electrician, the painter, the plumber & all the others who make our life easier.  Thank goodness not everyone wants to be an accountant or an attorney.

I’ve read some good books this year, including Chernow's biography of Hamilton (which led to the next point on my list). I already have several titles on my to-read list for next year.  And I love movies.  I can’t wait for 2017, which I believe will be better than 2016. The only film of real note this year - Zootopia.

Specifically for 2016 - the soundtrack from Hamilton. The quality and scope of the music was a total surprise.  We can't afford tickets but we borrowed the CDs from a friend.  Otherwise, music in general. I love most genres. There is always something to listen to that matches my mood…or improves it if that’s what I need. 

About 35 years ago, my brother told us 2-inch thick televisions would hang on the wall and we would be able to access any programming we wanted to see.  It took longer than he anticipated but here we are with skinny TVs and video streaming.  I am particularly thankful for Acorn TV. Thanks to its wealth of programming, we didn’t have to suffer through any political commercials or shows.  We always had worthwhile alternatives.

I am so grateful that most people living in the western world, including me, generally live in peace.   While no place is completely safe or strife-free, I cannot image how horrid it would be to live or work in one of the many places in this world where war rages continually.  I am also thankful for those who serve their communities and their nations in an effort to aid and protect.

So that's my list.  Happy Thanksgiving to all my fans and friends in the US and belatedly to those in Canada.  To everyone else - I hope you are able to create a list for yourself, no matter what day it is.