Sunday, January 4, 2015

No News is Good News?

The holiday season is over and, as I went through our cards one last time, I was struck by how many friends no longer include a letter or even a brief note. Receiving a card indicates friends are still alive and photo cards show how the kids have grown but that's about it.  No news at all.  So I have a message for people who send photo cards or just imprint their names:

Guess what - I am interested in your kids because they are yours but I am friends with you!  What happened to you in 2014?  How's your job? Do you still have a job?  What did you do besides work? Did you take a vacation? Where did you go?  Did you get or lose a pet?  How are your folks?

Want to talk about the kids? OK - how are they really? Do they like school?  Do they still play football or tennis or have they moved on to new interests?  Are they dating?

Friends come and go and the holidays are a time when we realize that distance is not always measured in miles. So I will trust that 2014 was a good year for all those who didn't tell me otherwise and hope that 2015 is even better. 

As for 2015 holiday greeting cards, I will have to ponder whether or not to send them to those who didn't include a note in the 2014 card or otherwise communicate during the year.  Maybe I'll send just an e-card?  That seems fair. What do you think?