Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Parents Steal Car and Christmas

Surely you've seen the ad - the young man arrives at his parents' house, Christmas packages in hand, and he can't find his parents because they took off in his Audi.

So how did the father get the keys to the car? It is obvious that the son did not give them to his father as the son is confused about where his parents are.

However a more significant question is what's with these parents?

Are they so heartless and so self-centered that a ride in their son's car is more important than spending time with him?  More important than greeting him upon his arrival? 

The father tells his wife that "he'll be all right."  Why mention it unless there is some concern that their son will not be all right.  And, let's face it...would you be all right if your parents treated you this way? The fact that the son is an adult is immaterial. The parent-child relationship remains intact regardless of age. So, in this case, simply stated, the son is of less value than a ride in a car.

I can't help but think that Audi is sending a strange message.  Apparently Audi cars are for people with no compassion, no family values, and no interest in anyone other than themselves. Audi is for those who think a car has more worth than a child coming home for the holidays.  Who approved this commercial?  The Grinch?

After watching this ad, I can see it is not the car or car company for me.  I wonder how many other people feel the same way?