Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Never-Ending Campaigns Are a Bore

Unless you live under a rock, you are aware that New Jersey governor, Chris Christie, has had a tough couple of weeks. The media spends a lot of time on "Bridgegate" analyzing every last nuance of each email and speech. 

Would Christie have received all the attention if pundits had not already anointed him as a presidential candidate? I doubt it. He would have been just another politician with some issues.

I really hate the way we handle election campaigns in this country. For one thing, they never end. Congress runs for reelection every two years. That means that Congress is constantly campaigning. President Obama finished his acceptance speech and one media organization was already talking about candidates for 2016. 

The whole campaign process is like the boy who cried wolf. With every candidate attempting to frighten us into voting for them, any real message is lost in a cacophony of sound bites all telling us that X party candidate will surely bring ruin to the country or the county or the city. The ads are all the same and so is the message. Take any commercial or brochure and substitute one candidate's name for another. No problem, right?  No one is going to say or do anything that isn't viewed as mainstream or popular. Frankly, the whole thing is boring.

Thank goodness for remote controls and recycle bins. The moment a campaign ad appears on the screen or in the mailbox, we can click away from it or throw it away.  Now if there was something we could do to block all those campaign robo calls, we'd be all set.

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