Saturday, January 18, 2014

Google Stop Calling Me

The phone rings. It is Google - again.  Good grief.  What part of Do Not Call don't you understand? The frequency of these calls is increasing and I'm tired of it.

Is it really Google computers that telephone our numbers several times per day?  No. The calls claim to be from Google Maps, Google Business, or a similar division and the caller ID says Nashua, New York, Detroit, Michigan or some other city or town. When I see odd places, I now assume it is a Google robocall but I can't ignore it.  It could be a client or a state agency.

These illegal calls are coming from scammers. That's a given. However Google demonstrates a surprising lack of interest because it is not protecting its reputation, its trademark, or its customers. Apparently it doesn't matter to Google whether or not I am annoyed or financially hurt by these calls; otherwise it would do something about them.

I realize that Google cannot directly stop bad people from doing illegal things. Most of these calls are probably not originating in this country.  However, what surprises me is how little has been said in the media about this scam. The only warning I found online in a quick Google search was from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture made in November, 2013.  There is a reference to the problem buried on the support page but the corporation hasn't really worked to defend itself or its users. Why isn't Google shouting warnings from the rooftops?

The scammers call us because they make money doing it.  If they didn't make money, they would stop calling. It's that simple.

It seems logical to me that Google would make sure we all know it isn't them placing those calls. Then no one would spend money with the crooks and the calls would stop. What is Google saying by not saying anything?

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