Monday, December 9, 2013

Linda Mickey Meets Mickey Mouse

I just returned from a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. A close association with The Mouse is often assumed because of my name however it's been eight years since my last excursion to Orlando. This was a complete vacation - no emails, no phone calls, no touching base with the office, and very few tweets.

The trip will be the subject of the next few blogs because I saw plenty of communication in a variety of forms and all of it was fascinating. Of course electronic and digital forms were plentiful and influenced much of what I encountered but that's not the whole story.

Probably no one pushes a brand better than the Walt Disney Company. Children are indoctrinated at an early age and the corporation works hard to make that carry through from generation to generation. Consider one grandmother's story about her daughter-in-law paying the one day park admission in order to get a photo of her newborn in Minnie's arms. The grandmother was beaming. If he were to hear about it, Bob Iger, CEO of the company, would be too.

In coming posts, I will consider how cast members responded to guests, how the corporation relates to its customers, and what was good or unfortunate in all the factors that combined for the show I observed. To top it all off, snow at O'Hare Airport provided an entirely new experience. Like I said, it was a very interesting eight days.  

I'll take some time to reflect and compose my thoughts. Please stop by next week when I will begin the series. 

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