Wednesday, June 5, 2013

State Farm Ad a Mystery

You know the ad - the one where a man is phoning State Farm's call center at 3 AM and his wife comes into the room and doubts he is speaking to State Farm. She grabs the phone and asks, "What are you wearing, Jake, from State Farm?"

This commercial irritates me so much I click away from it. When it happened again last night, I decided it was time to figure out what bothers me so much.

1. Why is this man calling State Farm at three in the morning? Why isn't he in bed asleep? Does he suffer from insomnia? He seems wide awake.

2. The husband is speaking softly - out of courtesy? Or does he do this a lot and he doesn't want to get caught at it - again.?

3.  The commercial implies that the spouse already has suspicions about her husband's behavior. If she didn't, her first thought when hearing that he is talking to State Farm would be that there has been an accident, not that he is talking to a woman.

4.  Perhaps the wife is exasperated because her husband prowls around all night and she can't get any sleep. Maybe this is just one night in a string of nights with him making calls at odd hours.

5.  Or, if this woman is such a shrew, why is this guy still with her? Why would he put up with such behavior if, as suggested, she always acts this way?

I suspect this ad is supposed to be funny. For me it's just plain irritating. If this were a book or a television drama, one of them would be a murder victim. Perhaps it's the writer in me but I like commercials that make sense and this one doesn't. In fact, why it's still running is a mystery to me.

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