Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Another Car Commercial from the Grinch

What is it with holiday car commercials? Last week I repeated my dislike of an Audi holiday ad. This morning, I saw an Infiniti ad that made me sad.  

I grant that the snowball-down-the-hill ad campaign isn't new however this morning I saw one of them from start to finish. Holiday ads? I think not.

The Infiniti ad takes the same mean-spirited approach I found in the Audi commercial. Obviously the BMW owner told his children to throw the snowballs.  Why? Why encourage children to behave that way?  Is this how we mold future members of Congress?

Of course our sympathies lie with the Infiniti owner and we understand his desire for retribution. However, I ask again, what are these ads really saying? Both car owners physically attack one another. When is this ever OK? And why is this car company promoting such behavior? 

Both the Audi and Infiniti commercials reflect the attitudes of the auto companies that approved them so now I see Infiniti as a corporation that feels getting even is a goal unto itself. Gosh - what does that tell me about the company's willingness to stand behind its product? Frankly, the ad tells me that the company will do anything it has to be successful. That doesn't give me, the consumer, a good feeling, particularly when autos are subject to problems.  

I'm sure the ad agency behind the snowball commerical thought the ad campaign was a hoot. Obviously the Infiniti exes liked it enough to air it.  I am not the only blogger to catch the underlying meaning. Starting back in 2010, people were objecting to the tone of this ad campaign.

If car companies feel compelled to do seasonal ad campaigns, I suggest they take a look at their hidden messages. Consumers aren't stupid. They pick up on what is really being said.  And when the time comes to buy a new car, I, for one, won't be getting one from this group of Scrooges.

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