Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Freebie Texting Shifts the Paradigm

As soon as a company charges for a service, there will be someone out there who will devise a way to get it for less or for free.  It may be an individual and it may be a competitor, but things always change.

Recently on MSN Money I read about the fall in the number of texts with interest. I don't see people's thumbs sitting idly attached to their hands. Fingers and thumbs still fly across phone keypads so, if texting is down, what are those digits doing?

They are texting...for free.  (Read the full article here.)

The number of texts is not down. The quantity from which wireless carriers earn fees is down. Big difference.

A friend of mine is a perfect example. She does not have texting service through her carrier. However she does own an iPhone so she is able to text to friends and associates who also have one. She doesn't do a lot of texting but she has the capability if she wants or needs it.  Apple may know how often she uses the option but AT&T does not.  Plus AT&T gets no benefit from it.

The only way to know if the amount of texting is truly down is to have a count of the number of texts and compare it during specific time frames. Less revenue does not mean there is less communication.  It just means the communication method is changing.  Texting, then tweeting, and then? 

Only one thing is for certain. Whatever comes next must begin with a "T."

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