Sunday, May 29, 2011

Standing Behind Your Product

Recently I had two product issues and the manner in which those issues were handled is the subject of today’s post.

It is bound to happen. As careful as companies try to be, mistakes are made and the resulting product is not up to standard.

What happened to me? I found a long, dark, curly hair in my sealed yogurt container. In a separate instance, the product arrived punctured and was a mess. In both instances, I sent emails to the companies involved. Particularly in the case of the yogurt company, health standards were a concern. I am happy to report that I received responses to those emails and each company offered to make up the loss. The yogurt company proposed coupons and the coffee company said they would reship the order.

The yogurt coupons never came. A deduction could be made that the offer was an empty one and the company doesn’t really want to persuade me to return. That is probably just as well. I don’t know if I could make myself buy it again. That kind of breach is hard to get over. I had a similar experience with a local bagel shop and have never returned. Still, without the enticement of free product, I know I will never buy it in the future.

In the case of the coffee, I did not expect a refund or replacement. The actual value of what was damaged was about $1.00 and I wrote the company merely to make them aware of a potential shipping problem.

So what did these two companies communicate to me? I went to both as a result of referrals from friends ( another form of communication I will address in the next post) but I will make future purchasing decisions based on how these two companies responded to my problem.

These are hard times. Like most people, I carefully consider where to spend my money. There are plenty of yogurt and coffee companies out there. It is very easy for me to make a switch. In one case, I have.

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