Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Fabric of Email

In her day, my mother was a darn good seamstress. Sadly, she no longer sees well enough to sew; her machine sits idle on a table in the basement. Last weekend, we cleaned out the sewing corner and I removed three boxes of fabric remnants.

I sorted the material: usable pieces went into one pile and spoiled ones into another. I disposed of one pile instantly but what to do with the other?

I decided to offer it to someone who quilts. When the only quilter I know turned me down, I sent an inquiring email to a dozen friends.

Email makes communication with others delightfully easy. People who wouldn’t normally correspond will send emails. Sure, I get the occasional email that contains an urban legend or some type of wiggling angel offering me blessings. Coworkers frequently use email when a phone call or letter would have been better. But generally what I get is appropriate – a to-the-point, unembellished message.

What I love about email is that, when used as intended, it generally works quite well. It saves time; it is short; and it keeps us connected in a way no other form of communication can.

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